The history of Harper & Pearson began 55 years ago when family friends Bruce Harper and J.B. Lee, Jr. met to discuss the accounting requirements of one of Lee’s clients. Lee, already established in the accounting business, loaned his friend fifty dollars to assist the young accountant in “hanging out his own shingle.”

After several years of operating his small CPA practice, Harper recognized the need for additional talent and resources to match the growth Houston was experiencing. Harper enlisted Fred Pearson, a friend from the Southwest Toastmaster Club, as a partner in the firm. In addition to his technical skills, Pearson’s knowledge and maturity complimented Harper’s sales-orientated personality. Shortly thereafter, Lee joined the firm and created the team that launched Harper & Pearson Company, P.C.

Since 1962, Harper & Pearson has experienced tremendous growth, but still remains true to its original vision of providing quality accounting and consulting services while maintaining integrity and objectivity. Our growth has been a reflection of our clients’ needs and their satisfaction. Today we are one of the largest full-service accounting and consulting firms in Houston.


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